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Jacqueline King can assist you in preparing your will.  It is important you make a will to ensureJacqueline with ollie and Toffee that your wishes are carried out and that your family are protected as far as possible after your death. We offer practical advice on how this can be achieved in a straight forward will. 

Jacqueline can also assist in administering the estate after your death, either by dealing with all aspects of the estate for your executors or simply giving some practical help to the appointed executors at the beginning of the administration.

Her knowledge of working farms and small businesses may also be very relevant when you are trying to ensure the continuity of the family business for your loved ones after your death.


Jacqueline King advises on preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney – property and financial affairs and health and welfare. These are relevant where for whatever reason an individual has become incapable of managing their affairs.

She will guide you through the process of preparation signature and registration of these documents.