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Amanda is the director who specialises in Employment Law.

Her knowledge and expertise covers:-

• Drafting and advice on employment contracts

• Unfair dismissal

• Redundancy

• Discrimination

• Day to Day employment advice as problems arisecharlie-hartbury-07-01

Amanda has practised and specialised in Employment law acting for both Employers and Employees for almost 20 years.  She is aware that practical and effective solutions are required for a business.  In Employment law more than any other an ability to apply the law in a business environment whilst having an understanding of business needs, finances and deadlines is critical.

There is an ever increasing volume of employment legislation and red tape. There are increasingly good and helpful internet websites that provide employment information.  However, it is still important to ensure that the law is applied correctly to protect your business.  A small investment in proper advice now could save significant amounts of money and potential problems in the future.