David Cameron has just unveiled his marriage tax break plan

Created on Friday, 04 October 2013 10:43

He states ‘There is something special about marriage. It’s a declaration of commitment, responsibility and stability that helps to build families.’
If you decide to ‘take the plunge’ there is of course much to consider, not least of all whether or not a prenuptial agreement would be appropriate.
It is well documented that before Prince William married Kate Middleton he refused to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Was this wise? Many would argue that it was not given that the divorce rate in this country means that one in three marriages end in divorce within the first fifteen years.
In farming families divorce is particularly relevant as a lump sum payment to a separating spouse can have a devastating effect on a family run business. A prenuptial agreement can assist in this type of case. These agreements were once frowned on by the Courts but now they may be taken into account although all of the circumstances of the case will have to be considered.
So what should you do? If you are concerned then you must take legal advice from an experienced family solicitor before you say ‘I do’. This may well ensure that if you are one of the marriages that end in divorce the damage to your assets is limited.

Jacqueline King
3rd October 2013

There is light at the end of the tunnel - but is a train coming?

Created on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 15:45

Small and medium sized businesses have historically been justifiably upset with being expected to comply with legislation that was more suited to the activities of larger businesses and corporations who had the financial muscle to put in place the people and systems to ensure compliance. This applied very much to employment law which was often drawn up in Brussels and had little relevance to the activities of small and medium sized businesses in UK. Recent and future changes to employment law however now seem more in line with simplifying procedures and making them relevant to the needs of the smaller UK operation and their employees. A major step forward has been made in the way that Employment Tribunal cases are handled. Historically this has been an area where small businesses were penalised for not following the exact letter of the law rather than what was relevant to their size and scope of business. Tribunal panels now exercise flexibility in viewing matters in a more relevant fashion saving employers, employees and the taxpayer both time and money in reaching a solution. All in all things are becoming less tied up in red tape within the employment law sector so it does seem the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train arriving. It is still however very important that employers take informed and specialised legal advice in setting down sensible procedural steps and markers so that employment problems can be either avoided or resolved with far less fuss upset and expense.

Amanda Goodman

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